Director:                         Rachel Svatos

Assistant Director:           Nicole Ludowese
Director of Photography:    Adam Coffey
First Assistant Camera:     Antoine Martin

Producer:                         Morgan Gullett

Screenplay by:                  Andrew K. Schuster 

Grip:                               Aiden Wisenhunt

Editing:                           Rachel Svatos

Sound:                             Evan Bomboy

Post Sound Editing:              Josiah Graf

​Wardrobe:                        Morgan Gullett 

Make up:                          Diane Taylor

​Casting:                          Morgan Gullett​

Production Design:            Mark Stewart

Graphic Design:                Celeste Tammariello

Production Assistant:        Taylor Roper

Production Assistant:        Jacob Ewing

​Created by:                      Morgan Gullett

Special thanks to:  

Brooke Lyon, Michelle Svatos & Chris Gullett



Release Date- January 13, 2017



Eleven year old Morgan Gullett has followed the election process like any other 5th grader by watching the debates,  seeing the headlines in the news and on social media, and hearing very different opinions from the adults around her.  So after some research, she called upon some talented crew members and actors to help create this short film that shows the outcome of the election results from a different perspective ... the kids' perspective.

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Film length-10 mins, 15 seconds

Morgan Gullett                    Ingrid Rodriguez
​Izzy Hsu                             Jaden Taylor
​David Alcantar                    Savannah Metoyer
​Adi Ash                               Wesley Kitsao
Evan Huang                         Nicolas Shook
​Cadie Brumley                     Finleigh Hightower
Ash Kartik                          Darion Costley